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Latest releases:

Academic Freedom. The Global Challenge
edited by Michael Ignatieff and Stefan Roch

From Central Planning to the Market by Libor Žídek

Coming soon:

Landscapes of Disease - Malaria in Modern Greece
Katerina Gardikas

Nationalism and Terror - Ante Pavelić and Ustasha Terrorism from Fascism to the Cold War
Pino Adriano and Giorgio Cingolani

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Politics and Society

And They Lived Happily Ever After
Edited by Helene Carlbäck, Yulia Gradskova and Zhanna Kravchenko

Friendship and Love, Ethics and Politics
Eva Österberg

Globalization and Nationalism – The Cases of Georgia and the Basque Country
Natalie Sabanadze

The Science of the Swastika
Bernard Mees

Denial and Repression of Antisemitism – Post-Communist Remembrance of the Serbian Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic
Jovan Byford

Heroes and Villains: Creating National History in Contemporary Ukraine
David R. Marples

The Nonconformists – Culture, Politics and Nationalism in a Serbian Intellectual Cirlce, 1944–1991
Nick Miller

The Roma - A Minority in Europe
Edited by Roni Stauber and Raphael Vago

The Anti-American Century
Edited by Ivan Krastev and Alan McPherson

The View from Prague – The expectations of world leaders at the dawn of the 21st century
Václav Havel et al.

Divide and Pacify
Pieter Vanhuysse

What Holds Europe Together?
Edited by Krzysztof Michalski

Religion in the New Europe
Edited by Krzysztof Michalski

Ideologies and National Identities
John Lampe and Mark Mazower

Serbian Orthodox Fundamentals - The Quest for an Eternal Identity
Christos Mylonas

Political Corruption in Transition - A Skeptic's Handbook
Stephen Kotkin and András Sajó

The Dilemmas of Dissidence in East-Central Europe - Citizen Intellectuals and Philosopher Kings
Barbara J. Falk

Nationalism and Beyond
Nenad Miscevic

Police in Transition
András Kádár

Polish Liberal Thought before 1918
Maciej Janowski

Paradoxes of Unintended Consequences, The
Edited by Lord Dahrendorf, Yehuda Elkana, Aryeh Neier, William Newton-Smith, István Rév

Poles Together?
Szczerbiak, Aleks Andrzej

Gratis Economy, The
András Kelen

Rountable Talks of 1989, The
András Bozóki

The Moulding of Ukraine
Kataryna Wolczuk

The Seeds of Triumph
Hanna Diskin

A Culture of Corruption?
Edited by William L. Miller, Ĺse B. Grřdeland and Tatyana Y. Koshechkina

Intellectuals and Politics in Central Europe
Edited by Andras Bozoki

Violence and Peace
Pierre Hassner

Notions of Nationalism
Edited by Sukumar Periwal

Protest in Belgrade
Edited by Mladen Lazic

Liberalism after Communism
Jerzy Szacki

A Society Transformed
Edited by Rudolf Andorka

Liberalism in Modern Times
Edited by Ernest Gellner

The Road to War in Serbia
Edited by Nebojsa Popov

Between Past and Future
Edited by Sorin Antohi

Flying Against the Arrow
Horia-Roman Patapievici

The Meaning of Liberalism
Edited by Jirí Musil

Government and Politics in Hungary
András Körösényi

Bosnia the Good
Rusmir Mahmutcehajic

National Cultures at Grass-root Level
Antonina Kloskowska

On The Verge of Convergence
Henryk Domanski


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