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Latest releases:

Academic Freedom. The Global Challenge
edited by Michael Ignatieff and Stefan Roch

From Central Planning to the Market by Libor Žídek

Coming soon:

Landscapes of Disease - Malaria in Modern Greece
Katerina Gardikas

Nationalism and Terror - Ante Pavelić and Ustasha Terrorism from Fascism to the Cold War
Pino Adriano and Giorgio Cingolani

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Pagans and Christians in the Late Roman Empire - New Evidence, New Approaches (4th–8th centuries)
Edited by Marianne Sághy and Edward M. Schoolman

Paltinis Diary, The
Gabriel Liiceanu

Paradoxes of Unintended Consequences, The
Edited by Lord Dahrendorf, Yehuda Elkana, Aryeh Neier, William Newton-Smith, István Rév

Parlor and Kitchen
Gábor Gyáni

Party Colonisation of the Media in Central and Eastern Europe
Péter Bajomi-Lázár

Past for the Eyes
Edited by Oksana Sarkisova and Péter Apor

Past in the Making
Edited by Michal Kopecek

Poet and the Idiot, The
Friedebert Tuglas

Poles Together?
Szczerbiak, Aleks

Police in Transition
András Kádár

Polish Liberal Thought before 1918
Maciej Janowski

Political Corruption in Transition - A Skeptic's Handbook
Edited by Stephen Kotkin and András Sajó

Political Economy of Protest and Patience - The East European and Latin American Trasformations Compared
Greskovits, Bela

Political Justice in Budapest after WWII
Ildiko Barna and Andrea Peto

Politics and Policies in Post-Communist Transition
Károly Attila Soós

Politics as a Moral Problem
János Kis

Positive Mind, The - Its Development and Impact on Modernity and Postmodernity
Evaldas Nekrašas

Post-Communist Restitution and the Rule of Law
Csongor Kuti

Post-Communist Mafia State - The Case of Hungary
Bálint Magyar

Power of Words, The - Studies on Charms and Charming in Europe
James A. Kapaló, Éva Pócs and William Francis Ryan

Practices of Coexistence - Constructions of the Other in Early Modern Perceptions
Edited by Marianna D. Birnbaum and Marcell Sebők

Pragmatic Alliance, A - Jewish-Lithuanian Political Cooperation at the Beginning of the 20th Century
Vladas Sirutavičius, Darius Staliūnas, eds.

Prague Tales
Jan Neruda

Prague Spring, 1968, The
Compiled and edited by Jaromir Navratil with Antonin Bencik, Vaclav Kural, Marie Michalkova, and Jitka Vondorova. With a preface by Vaclav Havel and a foreword by H. Gordon Skilling

Present Tensions – European writers on overcoming dictatorships
Kristina Kaiserová, Gert Röhrborn, eds.

Pressed By a Double Loyalty - Hungarian Attendance at the Second Vatican Council, 1959-1965
András Fejérdy

Privatization in Eastern Europe
Roman Frydman

Privatization Process in Central Europe, The
Roman Frydman, Andrzej Rapaczynski, John S. Earle

Privatization Process in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States, The
Roman Frydman, Andrzej Rapaczynski, and John S. Earle

Promises of 1968 – Crisis, illusion, and utopia
Vladimir Tismaneanu, ed.

Promoting the Saints - Cults and Their Contexts from Late Antiquity until the Early Modern Period
Ottó Gecser, József Laszlovszky, Balázs Nagy, Marcell Sebők, Katalin Szende

The Prose of the Mountains: Three Tales of the Caucasus
Aleksandre Qazbegi

Protest in Belgrade
Mladen Lazic

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Participation For All
Middleton, Michael K.

Party Funding and Corruption in Eastern Europe
D. Smilov

Perspectives in Controversy - Selected Essays from Contemporary Argumentation and Debate
K. Broda-Bahm

Perspectives on Argumentation
Trapp, Robert, Schuetz, Janice

János Bársony, Ágnes Daróczi, eds.

Politics of Early Language Teaching
Agoston Berecz

Present Tensions
Kristina Kaiserová, Gert Röhrborn, eds.

Public Perception of Local Governance
P. Swianiewicz