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Latest releases:

Academic Freedom. The Global Challenge
edited by Michael Ignatieff and Stefan Roch

From Central Planning to the Market by Libor Žídek

Coming soon:

Landscapes of Disease - Malaria in Modern Greece
Katerina Gardikas

Nationalism and Terror - Ante Pavelić and Ustasha Terrorism from Fascism to the Cold War
Pino Adriano and Giorgio Cingolani

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Races to Modernity - Metropolitan Aspirations in Eastern Europe, 1890–1940
Martin Kohlrausch, Jan C. Behrends eds.

Reflections on the Russian soul - A Memoir
Dmitry Likhachev

Regenerating Japan - Organicism, Modernism and National Destiny in Oka Asajir ō’s Evolution and Human Life
Sullivan, Gregory

Religion in the New Europe
Michalski, Krzysztof

Remembrance, Hstory, and Justice - Coming to Terms with Traumatic Pasts in Democratic Societies
Vladimir Tismaneanu and Bogdan C. Iacob

Remembering Communism - Private and Public Recollections of Lived Experience in Southeast Europe
Todorova / Dimou / Troebst

Resolving International Conflicts
Dimitrijevic, Nenad ed.

Rethinking the Rule of Law After Communism
Adam Czarnota, Martin Krygier, Wojciech Sadurski

Road to War in Serbia, The
Edited by Nebojsa Popov

Roma, The - A Minority in Europe
Edited by Roni Stauber and Raphael Vago

Roma-Gypsy Presence in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 15th-18th Centuries
Lech Mróz

Roma in Romanian History, The
Viorel Achim

Romanov Empire and Nationalism, The
Alexei Miller

Rountable Talks of 1989, The
András Bozóki

Rural Unrest during the First Russian Revolution - Kursk Province, 1905-1906
Burton Richard Miller

Russian Foreign Policy in Transition
Andrei Melville and Tatiana Shakleina

Distributed by CEU Press

Regionalization for Development and Accession to the European Union: A Comparative Perspective
G. Marcou

Reinventing Media - Media Policy Reform in East Central Europe
M. Sükösd, P. Bajomi-Lázár

Reshaping Globalization: Multilateral Dialogues and New Policy Initiatives
A. Krizsán, V. Zentai

Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities

Roma Rights: Race, Justice and Strategies for Equalities
C. Cahn